What we do

Our mission is based on three fundamentals: Happiness, Health, and Hope. It’s with these in mind that we have created more than 20 different programs to support families in their brave and emotionally taxing fight.

To fuel their happiness, we provide children and their families with opportunities to step away from the white walls of the hospital and partake in joyous events that give them the strength to fight their disease. Families are able to embark on dream trips to Orlando, Los Angeles, or Eilat; attend summer camps with sporting activities, water park adventures, and exciting jeep tours. We enjoy holiday events like Purim, Sukkot, and Passover with a loving and supportive community that understands the challenges the families are facing. 

To create a smooth path to health, we provide emotional support to children and their families through professional psychological care and support group sessions, financial assistance in purchasing critical medicine they cannot afford, and logistical support in navigating the bureaucracy of the health care system -- which, for many families, includes translating all documents and medical explanations to their native language.

In addition, we support children’s oncology wards in any way we can -- from financing innovative treatments, to providing the funds necessary to open more positions, and more.

To instill hope in the heart of every child, parent, and sibling affected by childhood cancer, we have built The Kindergarten of Dreams in central Israel that is equipped to provide a medically safe, socially enriching, and educational environment for the young children to grow and heal as their parents go to work. Through our public advocacy efforts, we are helping to build a brighter future for all families, by promoting government policy changes relating to health care costs, hospital conditions, and overall support for families with sick children.

Our Activity


Dream Trips to Orlando and Los Angeles

Brief Description: Twice a year, groups of Israeli children with cancer are invited to embark

Family Healing Vacation in Eilat

Brief Description: Five times a year, we invite different families to enjoy four full days

Gam’ani Program

Brief Description: The Gam’ani program aims to bring together 9th-12th graders who are struggling with

Passover and Sukkot Events

Brief Description: Every year, Larger Than Life hosts two fun and inclusive community events to

Purim Carnival Smile Train

Brief Description: Every spring, our families are invited to a joyous Purim celebration held in

Returning to Life

Brief Description: Through comprehensive workshops and retreats, we provide long term support for young adults

Summer Camps for School Aged Children

Brief Description: Every summer, 200 children with cancer and their siblings ages 8-18 gather at

Summer Camps for Tiny Ones

Brief Description: Every summer, 50 toddlers and pre-kindergarten children with cancer and their families gather

Support and Empowerment Vacations for Parents

Brief Description: Parents of cancer-stricken children are invited to spend 3 invigorating days of relaxation,


Assistance in Navigating Health Care Bureaucracy

Brief Description: Larger than Life hospital welfare coordinators provide necessary assistance to help families navigating

Emergency Comfort Kit

Brief Description: To help children and their families cope with a traumatic diagnosis, Larger Than

Funding Sheba Medical Center’s Pediatric Ward

Brief Description: Larger Than Life funds the research lab of Sheba Medical Center’s pediatric ward,

Health Care Fund

Brief Description: In an effort to ease the substantial financial burden childhood cancer can have

Humanitarian Economic Assistance Fund

Brief Description: As the costs of fighting childhood cancer can far exceed a family’s income,

Individual Support For Children and Their Families

Brief Description: During a child’s extended stay at the hospital for treatments and procedures, Larger

Psychological Treatment for Children and Their Families

Brief Description: Larger than Life has created a collaboration with Ash’har – a nationwide network

Support for Children Oncology Wards

Brief Description: We support the children’s oncology wards at hospitals around Israel so they can

Support Group for Parents

Brief Description: Larger than Life has partnered with Ash’har – a national network offering psychological

Transportation to the Hospital for Treatments

Brief Description: In an effort to make families facing childhood cancer more comfortable, we provide


The Kindergarten of Dreams

Brief Description: The Kindergarten of Dreams is the world’s first sterile educational and recovery center.

Advocating for Our Children

Brief Description: We’re working to boost the public awareness of the difficulties children with cancer