Brief Description:

In an effort to make families facing childhood cancer more comfortable, we provide free transportation to and from the hospital for the children’s treatment to those who need it.

The Need:

As the costs of cancer treatments are a great financial burden, many families do not have the funds to own or fuel a car, adding a major roadblock in helping their children receive the life-saving treatment they desperately need.

The Program:

We aim to make life as comfortable as possible for children with cancer and their families. As many families cannot afford to own, maintain, and fuel a car, we provide free transportation for them to travel to and from the hospital for treatment. As a result, children can receive their treatment on time, and parents have one less matter to add to their stress load.

Our ability to provide this critical aid is made possible through the generosity of people like you.

We hope that you’ll join our community and help support Israeli families who are fighting for their child’s life.

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