Brief Description:

During a child’s extended stay at the hospital for treatments and procedures, Larger Than Life hospital coordinators visit the family on a daily basis and tend to any needs that will make their stay easier and improve their well-being.

The Need:

Over 700 children with cancer go through active chemotherapy treatment annually. Their treatments and procedures often require that the child and parents stay in the hospital for weeks or months on end. Being in the hospital, away from your family, and undergoing treatment is an incredibly stressful and uncomfortable experience, though a positive and spirited attitude is essential to the child’s healing process.

The Program:

We aim to make families more comfortable during long stays at the hospital. Our team members hope to make the stay as pleasant as possible for the family through entertainment programs, assistance in navigating health care bureaucracy, and logistical and financial aid.

Larger Than Life hospital coordinators are in close contact with the social workers in the children’s oncology wards of hospitals throughout Israel. They form personal connections with families staying in the hospital for cancer treatments, assess what assistance the families need, then take action to help them.

The coordinators address a wide range of needs, such as organizing fun activities at the hospitals for the children receiving treatment, providing financial support to help the families purchase medication and necessary equipment, providing laptops or electronic tablets to keep children entertained while they’re in isolation after a bone-marrow transplant, arranging for volunteers to hold engaging storytelling or arts and crafts events, and more.

In addition to the effects of the treatment, the amount of time children with cancer and their parents spend in the hospital is incredibly draining on their energy levels and spirit. Our trained coordinators do all they can to make their stay a little more comfortable.

The aid we provide our families in times of need is made possible through the generosity of people like you. With your help, we can continue to support our brave children and heroic parents as they navigate the challenges of childhood cancer.

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