Brief Description:

Larger than Life hospital welfare coordinators provide necessary assistance to help families navigating a terrifying new world following a tragic cancer diagnosis.

The Need:

Every year, over 1000 children with cancer endure active chemotherapy treatment. After a child is diagnosed with cancer, families must make life-altering decisions regarding their child’s care, and adapt to a new life that revolves around years-long treatment. Hospital welfare coordinators help to manage the bureaucratic and medical process, understand the latest innovative treatments, and provide personal and compassionate care.

The Program:

Larger than Life’s hospital welfare coordinators mentor sick children and their families from the first days of diagnosis through a hopeful recovery or a grief-filled passing.

Our dedicated coordinators spend significant time with the sick children and their families in order to provide for their particular needs and comforts. They help the families tackle the confusing bureaucratic procedures involved in their child’s care, including:

  • Filling out necessary forms
  • Providing guidance for all the child needs for their medical care
  • Directing parents to service providers for their child’s special needs
  • Helping to secure their medical rights and best available care

The most important part of the relationship is providing fun and relief for the sick children, including:

  • Organizing fun activities at the hospital
  • Providing financial support to purchase medication and equipment
  • Providing a laptop or electronic tablet to keep children entertained in long isolation periods after receiving a bone-marrow transplant
  • Arranging for volunteers to conduct fun programs in hospitals
  • Supplying arts and crafts activities to engage the children

Hospital coordinators meet with families on a daily basis to provide familiarity, support, and comfort during the most difficult time in their lives.

The aid we provide our families in times of need is made possible through the generosity of people like you. With your help, we can continue to support our brave children and heroic parents as they navigate the challenges of childhood cancer.


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