Brief Description:
Five times a year, we invite different families to enjoy four full days of vacation to recover, regroup, and reconnect with each other in beautiful Eilat, Israel.  After weeks or even months of treatment and stress, Eilat allows for family unity and healing.

The Need:
After experiencing the shock of diagnosis, the pain of treatment, and all other effects of childhood cancer, families need the opportunity to relax and bond as a normal family.

Many families have been separated by long periods of hospitalization, endured heavy stress, financial challenges, and have had to travel long distances to receive the necessary treatment.

Program Description:
The family vacation in Eilat is a program meant to heal the pains a family affected by childhood cancer has endured. It is one of our most popular programs, as the main focus is to “pamper and heal” the family unit after such a harrowing journey of hospitalizations and treatments.

This Project offers four full days of fun and relaxation to disadvantaged families of sick children in Israel; each family is referred by a oncology social worker based on the financial, social and health condition of the child.

The children and their families are treated to an all-inclusive vacation at a beach-side resort in Eilat. Each family’s room and programs are designed to fit the special needs of their unit, whether they need wheelchair access or some other unique accommodation.

We aim to make this vacation as productive and as relaxing as possible, and as such, Larger Than Life organizes many events for the families to grow from and enjoy. These include jeep tours, a yacht cruise, visits to water attractions, and more.  We also hold support groups and lectures for the parents of the children, as they are often in desperate need of a safe outlet to share their hopes, fears, and worries.

On this trip to Eilat, our families have the opportunity to create valuable memories, to bond, and to reconnect. Such an experience is especially valuable when their future carries much uncertainty.  

Cost of sending one family on this healing trip

We are able to send families on this much needed vacation thanks to the generosity of people like you. With your help, we can continue to support these families as they navigate the challenges of childhood cancer.

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