Brief Description:

In an effort to ease the substantial financial burden childhood cancer can have on a family, Larger Than Life provides monetary assistance to help families pay for treatments, procedures, and medical equipment that aren’t covered by the public Israeli health insurance.

The Need:

Over 700 children with cancer go through active chemotherapy treatment annually. The diagnosis period and the hospital treatments can last between one and two years.

Every year, families of hundreds of children are forced to risk their economic future and the entirety of their assets to raise the funds necessary to save their child’s life. Larger Than Life is approached every week with requests to cover the costs of innovative treatments, medical equipment, procedures, travel, and more. As some families need to travel outside of Israel to receive a special form of treatment for their child, and some innovative treatments and life-extending drugs are not covered by Israeli health care, the costs associated with treatment are astronomical.

The Program:

We aim to fill the gap between the life-saving needs of children with cancer and the amount their insurance is able to fund.

Through the fund, we are able to help in the following ways:

  1. Financing medicine and equipment that will improve their quality of life, including life-saving or -extending drugs, home renovations that will fit the needs of the sick child, unique food supplements, wheelchairs and orthopedic equipment, freezing girls’ ovum before chemotherapy, dental procedures after chemotherapy, wigs, and medical tests and treatments that are not financed by the family’s health insurance
  2. Financing experimental treatments with various medical experts around the world
  3. Providing immediate, flexible, and quick access to a wide range of innovative life-saving medical support
  4. Receiving approval from government authorities to allow a child to use a new, life-saving drug, and funding it until the Israeli Ministry of Health takes over the costs and includes it in public health insurance.

Receiving financial aid for treatment may be what saves a family from losing their home. They have already faced so much pain from the effects of childhood cancer, that the finances are just another heavy burden upon their shoulders that we aim to ease.

This health care fund has helped save countless lives and improve the wellbeing of children with cancer. Our ability to provide this aid is made possible through the generosity of people like you.

We hope that you’ll join our community and help support Israeli families who are fighting for their child’s life.

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