Noa recently underwent a difficult surgery to treat her cancer.

Today, one month after her surgery, is her high school prom night!

Noa has been waiting for the moment when she could celebrate her completion of 12 years of school, but on Sunday, when she met with her doctor, Dr. Dror Levine, she informed him that she doesn’t have a dress for the prom. Five days before prom, and she still didn’t have a dress.

It took Noa time to recover from her surgery, and from the treatments that followed. She couldn’t go shopping for a dress, as she was in a wheelchair, and it’s very difficult to be mobile when not every location is wheelchair accessible.

Dr. Dror Levine informed one of the Larger Than Life staff members, Ayellet Chait, that Noa does not have a dress. Ayellet got to work, waved her magic wand, and recruited Moran and Orit from the store “Miss Geisha” to help her sprinkle some magic dust…

After several measurements, they found the perfect dress for Noa. They tailored it perfectly to fit her frame, and generously chose to give it to her as a gift. Now Noa is ready for the prom.

We wish Noa a magical prom night — and who knows, perhaps this will be the evening when she finds her prince!

Noa, perhaps this evening you will be a princess, but to us, you will always be a queen.

We are so grateful to everyone who made this story book fantasy a reality.

Thank you to Dr. Dror Levine, to Ayellet Chait, to Moran and Orit from “Miss Geisha”, and to the photographer, Noam Vice.


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