When he was 14 years old, the doctors discovered a tumor in Eliav’s brain.

Now, at age 16, Eliav is thankfully recovering from his disease, though he still facing challenges with his balance and motor skills.

Eliav is a part of the Gam’ani community, a Larger Than Life support program for adolescents. One of his biggest challenges was during an adventure outing with the other Gamani teens, where he was faced with a rock climbing wall.

“I initially felt intimidated by the challenge in front of me, but was willing to try it. I am so happy that I ended up attempting the climb! I climbed to the top of the wall, and felt really good when I completed it.” — Eliave, age 16

When Eliav grows up, he wants to be a doctor. It’s important to him that he works in a profession that helps people, and he hopes to be able to help other children who are facing the same condition he faced.

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